Bakers use sugar icing for many bakery goods. However, sugar is extremely hygroscopic and therefore absorbs moisture very readily.

At relative humidity levels above 55% the sugar sticks together, clogging up conveyors, hoppers and other equipment, and causing lumps to form in the finished icing product.

The commercial implications can be considerable, with many tonnes an hour of sugar passing through the plant, the cost of wastage can soon mount up if product has to be rejected. Cleaning down clogged-up equipment is expensive interrupts the production schedule.

Munters desiccant dehumidifiers deliver dry air to the conveyor systems and into the silo area where the sugar is stored. This is sufficient to maintain a satisfactory RH level and ensure free-flow of powdered product, resulting in no caking or lumping of the icing.

Consistent chilled and frozen cooling performance


Many bakers chill or freeze part-baked goods. However condensation in spiral coolers or build-up of ice in spiral freezers due to storage of products with high moisture content and ingress of humidity can cause frequent production delays, waste and defrosts.

When air enters the spiral cooler or freezer via the inlet and outlet openings, it condenses onto the cold surfaces. Production has to be stopped regularly to completely wash, clean and defrost the cooling or freezing equipment. Temperatures then have to be reduced to the correct operating level before production can be restarted.

Munters desiccant dehumidifiers absorb moisture from the air to prevent condensation in coolers and ice build-up in freezers. By controlling humidity, Munters creates optimal conditions with significantly increased production, reduced downtime and defrosts, providing a consistent and high quality product with the correct temperature and humidity every day of the year.

Kvalitetsfødevarer kræver kvalitetsluft. En Munters affugter er ofte en del af løsningen

Benefits include:

  • Consistent, high quality in every season
  • Consistent cooling performance
  • Increased productivity, higher throughput
  • Significantly less waste
  • Hygienic storage and transport
  • Ice-free areas and fewer defrosts
  • Lower energy
  • Reduced cleaning requirements



Health & Safety Award

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