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Separating the great from the good

Separating the great from the good

Whenever liquids and gases need to be separated, our products are the trusted first choice of industries globally. A century of knowledge and expertise in mist elimination seperates Munters from the rest of the field. Our mist elimination technology saves time, money and energy through product recovery, enhanced process efficiency and reduced wear and tear.

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Munters mist elimination for process industry

Our mist elimination solutions help you to seperate droplets from gas flow. It may sound way more simple than it actually is. This seperation is done in a very clever way thanks to cutting edge technology and expertise, aquired throughout decades and in close collaboration with our customers, spread broadly across process industries. Needless to say, we are constantly innovating to keep our products at the forefront of our industry.

Our solutions

For effective mist elimination you need the best technology, equipment and great service to perform. Munters technologies:

  • Protects downstream processes and equipment
  • Saves energy in subsequent process stages
  • Is engineered to provide high efficiency and low pressure drop for effective seperation
  • Recovers valuable product
  • Performs predictably and at high efficiency even under heavy liquid loading.


Dive into the world of Munters mist elimination

Effective mist elimination doesn’t just separate liquids and gases. Effective mist elimination separates vital profits from costly losses. Discover our solutions and mist elimination products to find out how we can help you to achieve your goals.


Our customers deserve the best

It is important that our customers get to fully benefit from our experience, expertise and technology. Hear one of our customers express it in their words:

"We needed a gas-liquid separation supplier that we could count on. A partner that would contribute with their experience in gas-liquid separation and could help us adapt these solutions to this new carbon capture and storage technology.”

Technical manager at MAN Energy Solutions

More than 95% of the contaminating substances eliminated

Below is an example from a case study on the topic of cleaning flue gases from coal power plants, where we helped the customer to eliminate most of the contaminating substances:

...Through a combination of speed and friction, Munters mist eliminators then capture the contaminated drops that fall down and are collected in the bottom of the process tower.

Mist elimination also includes a cleaning system where contaminated water and sledge can be removed from the mist eliminators, thus keeping them clean for greatest efficiency. Cleaning via desulfurization is very efficient. More than 95% of the contaminating substances are eliminated in this process.


A few of our mist elimination products

  • DV 270 Mist Eliminator

    DV 270 Mist Eliminator

    Designed for maximum effect on the gas flow.

  • DH 5000 Mist Eliminator

    DH 5000 Mist Eliminator

    Multitasking by draining off and enhanching separation.

  • DH 2100 Droplet seperator

    DH 2100 Droplet seperator

    Ensures low levels of pressure drop and high separation efficiencies.

  • DS 8000 Spine vane seperator

    DS 8000 Spine vane seperator

    Offering high capacity through simple design.


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