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Decrease humidity, deliver more

Decrease humidity, deliver more

How to keep your cold storage consistently cold, dry and frost free


Desiccant dehumidification benefits:

  • Eliminates frost and ice build-up
  • Removes unwanted moisture from product
  • Keep your cold storage safe
  • Improves operations

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Humidity is the root of your cold storage climate inconsistencies

Whether it’s intermittently traced back to your airlock and loading dock, or if you have ongoing climate control issues, high humidity levels are likely the source – causing unwanted frost and ice build-up. But what if you could remove moisture before it enters your cold storage?

Remove all frost and ice

Keep your products consistently cold, and dry

Munters dehumidification solutions support your refrigeration and efficiency goals – consistently decreasing humidity levels inside, while you deliver more product outside. We take a consultive approach, where we'll review your moisture loads together, to improve your overall operations.

Maximize refrigeration efficiency

Drier air is more efficient and reduces refrigeration loads, and nothing makes your cold storage more efficient than having frost free coils.

No matter how you try to eliminate frost, increase your refrigeration gains through manual adjustments, you can only improve your cold storage efficiency and performance to a certain point.

Real efficiency gains are achieved by adding dehumidification. So, whether one or multiple temperature zones are in play, it’s proven that industrial dehumidifiers reduce frost, and make your refrigeration more efficient, resulting in reduced energy costs, all while protecting your valuable cases and product inside.

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