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How Munters is responding to coronavirus

In response to the coronavirus, Munters has moved quickly to focus efforts at global and local levels to stay current with all government mandates and policies as they evolve. We strive to keep our employees safe, uphold our customer commitments and maintain frequent and continuous communication with suppliers. The top priority of Munters is the safety of our employees, customers and partners.

Our people make the difference

The dedication and competence of our employees are the reason we can provide the quality of product and services that we do every day, all over the world. In this time of crisis, we are prouder than ever of the organization who continue to work to deliver our promises to our customers. We have local teams in place to ensure all health and government guidelines and mandates are being followed. 

In addition:  

  • We have provided all production units and sales offices with a clear Response and Contingency Plan to enable a safe and healthy work environment
  • Visitor restrictions have been introduced at all our sites and offices
  • Large meetings and gatherings of employees have ceased
  • Encouragement of work from home and the use of digital technology for communication has been implemented

Maintaining our commitment to customers

Munters has implemented procedures and protocols for uninterrupted customer service and support. We will continue manufacturing, with multiple contingency plans in place to ensure smooth operation. We will remain diligent and highly responsive to our customer needs. Your trust and support are vital to what we do at Munters, and the safety and health of our employees and your business is a fundamental priority.

Communicating with suppliers and logistic chains

In order to secure our value chain, we have not only increased our frequency of communication with our suppliers and logistic chains but have also:

  • Actively been mitigating the supply of critical components to each manufacturing site globally
  • Already in place were requirements for all suppliers to follow professional industrial standards, local legislation and regulations, as well as, Munters Code of Conduct for suppliers. We monitor the situation daily relating to Covid-19 and are in close contact with our suppliers
  • We are in close contact with all our carriers in our logistic chain and closely monitor freights with “track and trace” services

Our responsibility to society

As a global company with about 3,100 employees and presence in 30 countries, we are aware of our responsibilities towards the societies where we operate and to our role in limiting the spread of the virus. In addition to the activities mentioned above we have implemented business travel restrictions and other guidelines in order to contain our risk exposure to the virus.

In these challenging times, knowledge is power and Munters is committed to staying well-informed, up-to-date of facts and heeding all health and government guidelines. Our plans will evolve as needed, for as long as needed. 

Today, we continue to focus on the safety of our employees and to ensure deliveries to our customers.

Klas Forsström, President and CEO Munters

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