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Industrial Dehumidification

Industrial Dehumidification

Munters provides industrial dehumidification solutions, tailored to your needs, for a wide range of applications and markets. Our world-leading desiccant rotor dehumidification systems effectively remove moisture from the air which allows you to control humidity consistently and precisely in your industrial processes to very low levels. Our industrial dehumidifier solutions are used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, lithium-ion battery production, preservation and protection of equipment, materials, documents, art, and more. For your industrial desiccant dehumidifier solutions, contact Munters.

Industrial Desiccant Dehumidification Rotor Technology

We offer a large range of industrial dehumidification systems with different designs for a wide variety of applications, effectively removing moisture from the air by using a desiccant rotor, which easily attracts and holds water vapor.

Our industrial dehumidifiers use a patented desiccant wheel, where air passes through the flutes of the material, contacting the desiccant. Incoming process air gives off its moisture to the desiccant, and is dry as it leaves the wheel. The humidity-laden wheel rotates slowly into a second, smaller airstream which has been heated.

This smaller exhaust airstream, known as reactivation air, warms the desiccant. The warmed desiccant gives off its moisture which is then carried away by the reactivation air. The newly dried desiccant material is rotated back into the process air, where it absorbs moisture once again.

Industrial dehumidifier

A Wide Offering For A Wide Range Of Dehumidification Needs

Due to their flexibility and modularity, our industrial desiccant dehumidifiers can be used for a wide range of applications where moisture and temperature levels are necessary to control. We work closely with you to optimize the design of your desiccant industrial dehumidifier and can provide the perfect dehumidification solution for your specific needs.

Industries We Serve

  • Battery


    Munters desiccant dehumidification systems for battery manufacturers are specifically designed to meet the exact needs and requirements for precise and low dew point control, while at the same time consuming less energy.

  • Dairy Processing

    Dairy Processing

    Munters dairy processing dehumidifiers control the processing and storage environment keeping the air humidity low to protect products from microorganism growth and consequential product deterioration.

  • Food


    Munters dehumidifiers provide efficient and consistent humidity control ensuring the proper conditions for food processing all year-round.

  • Pharmaceutical

Benefits Of Munters Industrial Desiccant Dehumidification

Industrial desiccant dehumidification solutions have become increasingly popular in recent years because of lower equipment costs achieved through economies of scale, modular designs, and the use of desiccant rotors. These desiccant dehumidifier systems are extremely efficient and simple in that they use rejected heat from the condenser to regenerate the desiccant wheel.

A dehumidifier for industrial use provides the following benefits over conventional units:

  • High-moisture removal rate with reduced energy costs
  • Constant duty cycle operation
  • Sturdy construction and design, resulting in greater durability and longer life cycle
  • More consistent performance even in the most demanding environments

Why Choose Munters For Desiccant Dehumidification

We’re a world-leading industrial dehumidifier manufacturer, providing energy-efficient air treatment solutions for mission-critical processes that require exact control over moisture and temperature. As the largest provider of desiccant dehumidification solutions in the United States, our customers benefit from our extensive application experience – over 50 years of providing industrial dehumidification solutions. We understand your business and are ready to support your application and success. Contact us to learn how our industrial dehumidification solutions can improve your process and to explore our wide range of industrial dehumidification systems.

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