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Building Comfort Systems

Building Comfort Systems

Munters offer a broad range of energy- efficient industrial and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems incorporating dehumidification.

Industrial and Commercial Building Comfort Systems

Munters industrial and commercial building comfort systems provide uniform precise temperature and humidity conditions while reducing energy and maintenance costs. Commercial building automation systems are designed to improve comfort, reduce temperature fluctuations, control humidity and improve indoor air quality.

Munters design teams perform a complete cooling load analysis, taking into account building internal heat gain and thoroughly checking all components.

Munters air handling systems control the quality of the air supplied and optimize the best possible performance over the lifetime of the system. Custom and modular systems are designed and tested in-house to applicable standards including ISO and CEN.

Options for Building Comfort Systems

Munters building comfort systems incorporate optional heat recovery systems to reduce operating costs, while meeting differing building demands. Our heat recovery wheels are based on the original design by Carl Munters, and our green air treatment thinking means we use dehumidification and evaporative cooling to obtain the right comfort environment for exacting performance demands.

Options include variable frequency drives as well as mechanical, refrigeration and DDC control upgrades, including economizer sections.  

When our desiccant cooling systems need to be supplemented with conventional cooling, we incorporate a complete solution. Munters air handling systems are designed for service friendliness and leakage prevention. Our wide range of building comfort systems can be supplied in a variety of classes and materials.

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