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Data centers

Data centers

No matter what type of data center you are building or managing, you need a reliable, energy-efficient cooling solution that is optimized for your conditions. Offering a wide range of data center cooling solutions, Munters engineers can help you select the right equipment for your facility, and our dedicated project managers will make sure everything from order to final commissioning goes smoothly. Munters experienced service technicians are available to provide the support you need for start-up, commissioning support, and maintenance to keep your equipment operating in top condition - year after year.

Depending on several factors, such as type, location, size, and power density, data centers may require different solutions to provide the best possible operating performance.

Munters offers a wide range of cooling systems to ensure that whatever type and size your data center is, and wherever it is located, you can rely on us to provide the perfect solution.



The equipment within a data center generates a significant amount of heat, and operates most efficiently and reliably within certain temperature ranges. With Munters data center cooling systems, you can ensure reliable, cost-efficient operation in even the warmest climates. Find out more


Ventilation and humidity control

Although data centers operate mostly unmanned, providing ventilation with proper filtration and humidity control is essential for both equipment and on-site personnel.

Incorrect moisture levels within data centers can lead to electrostatic discharge or corrosion, which in turn can damage servers, while inadequate ventilation can compromise working conditions. Munters solutions can efficiently maintain the perfect indoor climate with proper ventilation and humidity control. Contact Munters to find out more


Design support, project management, and service

Munters has the experience and expertise to help you design the perfect climate systems for your specific data center, and manage the production, delivery, and installation to meet your schedule.

With our global service support, you always have access to the knowledge you need, and we’re always here to help you optimize your systems and minimize unscheduled downtime. Contact Munters to find out more

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