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CELdek wall in greenhouse

Hortikultur – optimal produktion i drivhus året rundt

Disease free, high yield banana plantations produced from tissue cultures within Turkey’s Toros Agripark are just one of many products reaped from the use of a Climate Control System from Munters. The system, recently designed for Agripark’s greenhouses, is increasing production at the facilities located in the Uçakalani region of Adana, Turkey. Their goal is to produce and prepare high quality, high yield, efficient and disease-free seeds, seedlings and young plants. One of five units at Toros Agripark is the Tissue Culture lab where seeds are eventually transferred and grown in the park’s greenhouses built over 1.2 hectares of land.

Achieving the ultimate climate

When Toros Agripark decided to use a climate system for their greenhouses, they chose Munters’ equipment and technical expertise. They needed to get rid of the naturally ventilated system that uses high pressure misting for cooling, because it wasn’t efficient enough to grow tissue cultures for banana, almond and cherry. “In fact,” says Mr. Binboga, general manager, ”as Adana summer conditions are 40-45°C outdoors, there is no other method possible for us other than using full air conditioning. So, in those hot summer months, we couldn’t produce at all.”

Installing Climate Control System By Munters

There was no question that a new system was needed since the conditions within the greenhouse to grow banana, grape and similar tissue cultures is a temperature of 25-28°C and 85% relative humidity. The Climate Control System, which only took two weeks to install, created a controlled and thus profitable climate; plant production increased 25%. The Climate Control System consisting of CELdek® 7090 evaporating cooling pads, Euroemme® EM50 exhaust fans and EDC 24 air circulation fans, has worked successfully since installation. “We are now able to produce in all weather including those hot months,” says Mr. Binboga. “This was not possible before.” After the system was up and running, other benefits were shown such as a three-month decreased processing time, and lower production costs. Lastly, using this efficient Climate Control System, they have been able to produce before the plantation period, resulting in a very profitable year.

Hurtige fakta

  • Plant production increase of 25%
  • Three-month decreased processing time
  • Decrease of the total cost of production
  • Ability to produce before the plantation period
  • Profits have excelled

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