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Fan wall at a hog facility

Landbrug – evaporativ køling og ventilation i svinestald

Jerry Obryan started his swine farm in the mid 70’s. He began working with Ralph Letters, a sales representative from Aerotech in the mid 80’s. Jerry and Ralph worked together to grow the facility into what it is today, a large swine business with 125 barns and over 10,000 swine. Over the last 30 years ,not only has the farm changed, now JW Obryan, Jerry’s son and Frank Letters, Ralph’s son, are working together just as their fathers had. They are continuing the strong relationship Munters and the Obryan family have built.

Heat Stress/Cold Stress Problem

The Obryan farm is located in Kentucky. In this region of the United States, one of the biggest challenges is the dramatic temperature changes from the seasonal weather. They experience cold winters and hot, humid summers.

Precision Solution

Both JW and his father Jerry understand that the dramatic climate conditions are kept under control by Munters products. Their swine facilities have the complete Munters Ventilation System working together to create the most effective indoor climate needed to create their perfect climate. Building types include Quad Finishing and Hi-Rise Quad finishing, farrowing and nursery buildings. Each building requires it's own unique system design and products. The products range from the VX24, VX26 and VX51 exhaust fans, to fiberglass circulation fans, multiple inlets including the BI28 and CI baffles. All products work together with the CT evaporative cooling system and pit ventilation to ensure the proper balance of temperature and air quality are strictly maintained within the buildings. These systems are controlled by the Munters Ultra controls.

Hurtige fakta

  • Consistent production
  • Maximize feed conversion
  • Lower mortality rate
  • Improved conception rate Precision

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