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IceDry® – Munters vinder FoodTech-pris

Freezing equipment is designed for a specific level of production and as the coating of frost builds up progressively on the evaporator it eventually becomes too thick, initiating a defrost. During defrosts it becomes difficult to maintain the temperature inside the process freezer or manufacturers lower the rate of throughput to achieve correct freezing temperatures.
The result is reduced output and more stoppages for defrosts. Shutdowns in processing lead to costly loss of production. Ice and frost are also unwelcome problems as employees slip and fall, a Health and Safety report puts the cost to employers of accidents at 100 million Euro.

Munters IceDry systems work by creating dry low dewpoint air by passing the moist air through a slowly revolving desiccant wheel. The resulting dry air is then pumped into the inlets of freezer apertures, across cooling coils or into coldstore loading bays or airlocks.

In supplying ultra dry air, Munters IceDry® system dramatically reduces frost build-up, resulting in fewer defrost cycles and uninterrupted production Munters IceDry® system removes a large proportion of the airborne moisture inside a freezer and moist air which enters via cold storage entrances.
In a process freezer by increasing production capacity with fewer defrosts 3-4 fold, this increases the production running time without defrosts and improves the efficiency of machinery. When Munters IceDry system is used the time to dry out of a freezer after cleaning is reduced by up to 25% and the freezer is started drier than would otherwise be possible.
As slips are the main cause of major injuries at work, costs to business include civil damages, insurance costs, lost production and absences from work. Slips are highest in the food industry, so an effective preventative solution assists in controlling slip risks.

Apart from safety, ice also prevents the free operation of cold store and air lock doors, preventing them from sealing properly, or even lifting them out of their runners. Smooth operation requires people to regularly chip away the ice by hand, a time consuming job.

Munters IceDry® system reduces the maintenance on doors and refrigeration machinery, reduces the down time, a dry, ice free floor speeds-up forklift loading and unloading, to increase efficiency and throughput.

By removing the moisture that normally condenses on evaporating coils, the coils run more efficiently and much longer between defrosts.

IceDry® offers a simple solution for reducing ice, as the winner of the 2006 prestigious Silver European Food Tech Innovation award, Munters know how has not been put on ice!
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Munters IceDry frost prevention method wins 2006 European FoodTec Silver Innovation Award. The IceDry® frost prevention method has been developed by Munters for use in freezing and storage facilities, resulting in faster freezing, frost-free storage, reduced accidents on slippery floors, lower energy consumption as well as greater production capacity.

The 2006 Silver European FoodTec Award was presented at the Anuga Food Fair and is given to products which have been developed to achieve a significant improvement in processing functions. The international jury was made up of representatives from the European food processing, meat, dairy and food science institutes.

The European frozen food industry represents around 10% of the total European food manufacturing industry and the objective is to try to produce a greater volume using the same processing equipment, whilst also increasing turnaround rates of stock in storage.

Hurtige fakta

  • No ice and frost in the freezer store
  • Non-slippery floor
  • Reduced risk of accidents
  • Improved working conditions
  • Better quality of stored products and packing
  • Higher output of cooling equipment
  • Uninterrupted operation of the freezer store

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