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Optimize egg production

Digital tracking and monitoring in layer hen houses offer benefits such as improved egg production, reduced waste, increased efficiency, and enhanced flock health management. Real-time data on egg production, feed and water consumption, temperature, and humidity can be monitored and analyzed to optimize operations and make informed decisions. This results in increased profitability and improved flock welfare.

Streamlining Egg Collection and Grading

If you're a poultry farmer, you know how important it is to have accurate data about your egg production. That's where the Munters Egg Counter comes in. Our state-of-the-art device provides essential information for both Breeders and Layers poultry operations. With precise counting capabilities, the Egg Counter accurately tracks every egg as it's transported on conveyors or egg belts. And with the support of the Platinum Pro, data is easily collected and displayed in real-time.


The Egg Counter is simple to install with mounting brackets, and comes in various sizes to fit any operation. Don't leave your egg production to chance. 


Munters Egg Counter for accurate and reliable data



Munters Egg Counter eggs on conveyor belt.jpg

Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) for Layer Hens

The farmers’ cost for animal feed is one of the main expenditures consisting of 60-70% of the overall producer costs. These producer costs are impacted by climate control performance through the FCR. There is an explicit correlation between maintaining the correct environmental indoor conditions avoiding temperature fluctuations and optimized FCR.


Lower costs per egg produced

Eggs balancing on Trio tablet with azure growth chart and arrow airflow background.jpg

The Key to Maximizing Layer Hen Performance

Trio Poultry Controller offers real-time monitoring and control for layer hen environments. Algorithms and predictive modeling allow for precise and automated adjustments to temperature, humidity, air quality, and lighting to optimize living conditions. This leads to increased egg production, improved feed conversion, and reduced stress levels.


Experience the benefits of Trio Poultry Controller

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