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Layer Hens

For egg laying hens, the most important things to consider are the genetic makeup of the birds, the provision of a balanced diet and optimal housing conditions. Additionally, proper management practices, such as good record-keeping, monitoring of flock performance, disease control, and regular veterinary care, are crucial for maintaining the health and productivity of the flock.

  • Feed


    Forecast consumption and delivery times by connecting your houses to multiple feed mills, providing precise nutrients at the right time

  • Climate


    Create the best possible conditions for your flocks with complete real-time control of your houses

  • Egg production

    Egg production

    Track, trace and forecast egg size and quality. Achieve optimal flock performance with AI tools

  • Data integration

    Data integration

    Integrate Munters Clime controlled Barns with Mtech Software to get a fuller picture of your performance, costing, and planning data

Real-time climate control

Monitoring, control, and data analysis all in one place helps to ensure that the indoor environment is kept at optimal levels for layer hen health and productivity.


Discover Trio Poultry

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Animal Welfare

Improving animal welfare for layer hens is crucial to ensure the health and well-being of the birds and to promote optimal egg production

Air Quality

Avoid desease and respiratory issues by monitoring ammonia and CO2 levels in your houses, always ensuring the best possible air quality

Precision agriculture

Go digital for improved poultry production: Connecting feed mills, layer houses and end processing via digital means boosts traceability, efficiency and overall production. Embrace the benefits of digital connectivity now!

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