Heaters / Direct Air Heaters

GAlp125 Direct gas-fired air heater (low pressure)

GAlp heater series

  • 100%熱效率;
  • 可接入室內恆溫器;
  • 易於安裝、便於操作;
  • 用於戶外裝置或具備自動供水功能的溫室(滿足UNI EN 12669:2003標准要求);
  • 不鏽鋼外殼和燃燒室;
  • 可使用天然氣和液化石油氣(LPG)作為燃料;
  • 使用雙電磁閥切斷燃氣供給;
  • 通過安全開關防止過熱。


  • Thermostat


The GAlp Air Heaters are designed for cost effective heating solutions in a wide range of applications, including greenhouses, poultry houses and other livestock structures. All models function on the principle of direct fired gas heating. Hereby a powerful fan is used to force air through a combustion chamber where the burner is situated. As the air passes through the burner, all the heat released by the combustion process is transferred to the air stream. This gives the heater a 100% thermal efficiency. The GAlp heaters operate on Natural Gas or Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), which are both very clean burning fuels. For safety purposes the heaters are equipped with a double solenoid valve for closing and opening of the gas supply and a safety thermostat. Additionally the heaters are also equipped with a safety pressure sensor that will cut the gas supply should an obstruction of the airflow occur. To ensure a long life span in humid environments, the GAlp heaters are manufactured in stainless steel and all electrical components are IP55 protected. All models are fully assembled ready for use.

  • 技術參數
125 kW
107,650 kcal/h
13.21 m3/h
8.70 kg/h
30 to 50 mbar
20 to 25 mbar
6,000 m3/h
3,560 cfm
230 W
69.5 kg