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Fans & light filters / Extraction Fans

TU600 Chimney fan with Munters Drive

TU Chimney Fans

  • Bell mouth inlet and cone outlet ensure very high energy efficiency
  • Designed to withstand climatic extremes and solar radiation
  • All components made of highly corrosion resistant materials
  • Insulated butterfly damper for tight seal when fan is not in use
  • Patented “click system” allows for compact transport volumes and quick on-site assembly
  • High efficiency Munters Drive motor version available on request


  • Bird Guard
  • Damper Motor
  • Drip Tray
  • Exhaust protection
  • Insulation
  • Safety Mesh
  • Storm kit


During cold and moderately warm periods a low rate of air extraction from livestock structures is required. Special emphasis needs to be placed on the variability of the ventilation rate and to avoid the creation of unnecessary drafts over the animals. TU chimney fan series is designed to meet these demands. The position of the fans on the roof can be preferred to optimise the bio-security in between building sections. The TU chimney fan series comply with the Eco fan Directive, and is state of the art with aerodynamic designed fan house and super-efficient EC motors called Munters Drive. To obtain a smooth and durable surface finish, high quality polyethylene is used in the construction of the main body of the fan.

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Std model
600 mm
250 W
11,720 m3/h
10,740 m3/h
9,560 m3/h
27.5 m3/wh
Munters Drive model
600 mm
660 W
12,729 m3/h
12,090 m3/h
11,414 m3/h
28.4 m3/wh