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LF50 Light filter

LF Light Filter series

  • 外殼框架由堅固的預涂層和鍍鋅鋼板制成;
  • 葉片採用可抵御紫外線的高阻聚丙烯材料制成;
  • 安裝簡單方便;
  • 專門提供的特制夾可幫助濾光器裝配到Euroemme®風扇罩上。隻需一人即可安裝或拆除濾光器;
  • 立式塑料葉片的特殊設計可幫助降低壓降;
  • 空氣通過垂直葉片可確保其自潔功能;
  • 獨特的光線減弱性能並低壓降。通過濾光器的作用,光線的勒克斯值從室外的7000勒克斯減弱為室內的0.04勒克斯,在氣流速度為1.5米/秒時,相對應的壓降為2.5 Pa;
  • 所有濾光器包裝均分別通過品質檢查。



A light filter is the ideal equipment required to reduce the light ingress through air stream passages. A typical example is the poultry industry. In order to obtain optimal breeder-bird performance in pullet houses, both light intensity and the number of light hours each day must be precisely controlled. By controlling lighting it is possible for breeder birds to reach sexual maturity at the optimal time and therefore to stimulate the beginning of egg-production. LF light filter is constructed of high grade polypropylene resistant to wear and tear, ultra violet rays from the sun, as well as the strong high-pressure washers used in farm cleaning techniques. The square frame housing the light filter vanes or media is made of a strong epoxy pre-coated and galvanized sheet-steel. Special designed clips provided with each kit, allow the mounting of a light filter directly onto a Euroemme® fan, on the suction side of the fan, as a perfect match in air-flow, efficiency and light lux reduction. To improve aerodynamic efficiency and reduce pressure losses the light filter design has been developed in Munters' R&D lab. The test chamber has been built according to ANSI/AMCA 210-85 Figure 15 specifications. Construction details and airtightness have been verified by personnel of the BESS Lab at the Agricultural Engineering Dept, University of Illinois – USA.