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Euroemme® EMT30 Jet fan

EMT series

  • 風扇罩錐面、文丘裡管均採用名為Munters Protect的耐蝕材料制成;
  • 所有電機均通過100%質量控制測試;
  • 蒙特中心輪轂和三角皮帶輪是由壓鑄鋁制成;
  • 螺旋槳可保持靜態和動態平衡;
  • 風扇側面板上的特殊螺紋襯套讓風扇易懸挂於牆上;
  • 所有電機均通過品質檢查;
  • 通過攪動空氣,可以減少家禽養殖場內水汽凝結和作物疾病等問題的發生,這些問題主要由局部濕度和氨含量過高引起;
  • 為降低懸挂式空氣加熱器供熱成本、提高塑料管道系統使用壽命,利用射流風機進行輔助最為有效。



EMT30 is developed to break up stratified heat, humidity and stagnant air. A plastic duct system can be mounted onto the EMT30 to move and mix air over long distances, thereby limiting temperature fluctuations during heating processes. The unique propeller design is self-cleaning and, together with air flow rectifiers, allows the highest efficiency to be reached. The housing and air conveyor (venturi) are made of a strong galvanised sheet-steel. The 6-blade propeller is statically and dynamic balanced for low noise and low vibration. To improve aerodynamic efficiency, the fan has been developed in Munters R&D lab. The test chamber has been built according to ANSI/AMCA 210-85 Figure 15 specifications. Construction details and airtightness have been verified by personnel of the BESS Lab at the Agricultural Engineering Department, University of Illinois – USA.

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1.5 HP
760 mm
0.75 hp
14,680 m3/h
17.8 m3/wh
760 mm
0.5 hp
13,570 m3/h
20.2 m3/wh