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ED36HE exhaust fan

ED Extraction Fans

  • 風扇罩錐面、文丘裡管均採用名為Munters Protect的耐蝕材料制成;
  • 所有電機均通過100%質量控制測試;
  • 該款風扇屬於歷經時間驗証的Euroemme ®風扇系列一員;
  • 具有較強送風能力和高能源效率;
  • 低能耗(EDHE系列);
  • 直接驅動系統(EDHE風扇)。



The ED36HE fan belongs to the new generation of high energy efficient, very robust and reliable exhaust fans range, suitable for an extensive variety of professional applications in order to create optimal climate control system. The ED36HE exhaust box fan has a direct drive system, with the 3-blade propeller statically and dynamically balanced attached onto the electric motors shaft. The shutter blades are installed on the outlet side, and the whole shutter system is driven by the patented shutter-opening device, that is operated by the propeller rotation. This combination renders the EDHE as the ideal air extraction fan that can deliver high airflow capacity with low power consumption.

The EDHE has been designed, tested and developed in the Munters R&D laboratory, while the performances were confirmed by tests performed in BESS Lab at the Agricultural Engineering Department of University of Illinois, USA.

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1.5 HP
915 mm
0.75 hp
19,100 m3/h
18,200 m3/h
17,200 m3/h
30.3 m3/h /W