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Dehumidifiers / Complete Air Handling Units

FreeDry™ FDU-12


  • Up to 75% more energy savings
  • All electric unit (gas piping not required)
  • Cooling for summer non-ice events
  • Longer wheel life
  • ETL/ETL-C Listed
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Complements waste heat system



FreeDry™ combines advanced low temperature desiccant technology with refrigeration based cooling. Utilizing the benefit of both technologies provides an extremely energy efficient arena dehumidification system which delivers properly conditioned dry air without the need for natural gas. The normal supply air temperature leaving the Munters FreeDry™ during the dehumidification season varies between 65ºF to 75ºF. The FreeDry™ leaving temperatures are significantly cooler than conventional desiccant dehumidification systems that typically supply dry air between 100ºF to 125ºF (200mm rotor). The cooler supply air substantially reduces the cooling load for the ice refrigeration compressors during the warmer operating season.

The basic FreeDry™ system contains a single compressor heat pump circuit and desiccant wheel. The evaporator side of the heat pump circuit reclaims the waste-heat from the refrigeration compressors. The condenser side of the heat pump circuit is designed to heat outdoor air in order to regenerate the desiccant rotor. The inherent efficiencies of the

heat reclaim and heat pump circuit to reactivate the desiccant wheel makes the Munters FreeDry™ unit the most energy efficient system in use today. The performance of the FreeDry™ dehumidifier is unsurpassed by any conventional desiccant systems with reactivation heat recovery or traditional cooling-based dehumidification technologies.