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Dehumidifiers / Complete Air Handling Units


DryCool® ERV

  • Energy efficient
  • Delivers low dewpoint
  • Energy recovery in winter
  • Provides make-up air
  • Avoids cool – reheat
  • Dry, healthy duct work
  • Increases cooling COP
  • Independent temperature and humidity control


  • Extended service plans
  • Gas, electric, hot water, steam, heat
  • Unoccupied mode
  • Night setback
  • BMS Interface
  • Corrosion-resistant coatings


The Munters DryCool™ ERV product provides 100% outdoor air to the space that will be drier than the typical make-up air unit (MAU) while at the same time using less energy than the standard MAU. The DryCool™ ERV achieves this by combining the lower supply air dew points of desiccant dehumidification technology with the energy efficiency of total energy recovery. The DryCool™ ERV unit not only provides the required ASHRAE ventilation volumes but also monitors and controls the space at design moisture levels via a space humidistat.

The DryCool™ unit is a complete single point power DX system that achieves the lowest energy consumption on the market by utilizing free condenser heat to reactivate the desiccant dehumidification cycle. This technology eliminates the inefficient over cool/reheat process utilized by the vast majority of MAUs. It also allows for the cooling coil to operate at higher temperatures, increasing refrigeration efficiency and eliminating coil freezing concerns. The overall effect can be shown by achieving equivalent EERs in the 20s.

The addition of enthalpy wheel energy recovery to this system provides for reduced heating and cooling requirements of outside air prior to hitting the DX coil or the optional gas or electric heater or hot water post heat coil.