Coolers & Humidifiers / Indirect Evaporative Coolers


EPX Indirect Evaporative A/C

  • Ultra high EER system designs
  • Used in areas with poor water quality
  • Flexible heat exchanger designs
  • Unique control options
  • Building exhaust recovery



Indirect evaporative cooling cools air without added moisture. By using a cross-flow, corrosion-resistant polymer heat exchanger, water never comes in contact with the air being supplied to the space. Using indirect evaporative cooling as the first stage of cooling makeup air, substantially reduces energy costs.

On a typical summer day, indirect evaporative cooling alone can lower the incoming air temperature by 30°F or more. The second stage of cooling is handled by conventional air conditioning. The use of an indirect evaporative cooling system, in conjunction with a mechanical A/C system, offsets cooling loads and significantly reduces energy consumption during peak design conditions. This same exchanger can recover 50% of the heat exhausted from the space in the winter months.