Combined Temperature & Humidity Control / Accessories

Farm Silo

Farm Scales

  • 可控制對1隻或2隻活禽的稱量;
  • 長達500天的數據收集能力;
  • 防水、防塵,具備電涌和閃電保護功能;
  • 高品質電纜、不鏽鋼挂壁式或落地式平台;
  • 配置五位數碼顯示器和USB電腦接口;
  • 可設置標准曲線、或設定用戶自用式曲線(家禽稱重系統);
  • 稱重精度誤差在每隻家禽重量的0.2%左右(家禽稱重系統);
  • 可顯示每日增重量的標准偏差值(家禽稱重系統)。



Munters’ Farm Silo is a weighing control system which allows the grower to precisely control feed deliveries, feed inventory and feed conversion. Feed dispensing may be set to preset times for mealtime feeding, continuous full feeding, or restricted feeding. Munters’ Farm Silo features a program for poultry, swine, breeders and pullets: it manages the entire restricted feeding procedure, distinguishing male from female birds (for breeders) and distributing accurate quantities of feed to each feeding line at preset times, and monitors feed consumption, measuring quantities consumed per hour and per day. Through automatic activation of delivery augers, feeders, lights and alarms and automatic registration of feed deliveries, including quantity, date and time, Farm Silo collects crucial daily data, saved and displayed throughout the growth cycle regarding feed and water consumption, live animal weight, feed conversion and bird mortality.

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