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Combined Temperature & Humidity Control / Agricultural Control Systems

Farm Hand CCU10R

Farm Series controls

  • Versatile family of controllers
  • Relays and variable speed outputs (Farm Hand)
  • Temperature and RH readings and control (Farm Hand)
  • Ideal for step control of ventilation (Farm Hand)
  • Economical solution for sophisticated climate control of many small rooms in close proximity (Farm Master/Farm Center)
  • Extensive user interface on FarmCenter
  • Full function controller (Farm Master/Farm Center)
  • Extensive control of many functions within one structure (FarmPro)


  • Communication card


The controller is configurable to control different types of equipment such as fans and pumps to CELdek evaporative cooling pads, heaters and many more. Stable growth conditions around the animals can easily be created by environmental inputs into the control algorithms. Amongst other environmental inputs that can be read are air temperature, air humidity, wind speed and direction, animal water consumption. Up to date management information can be extracted from the CCU range of controllers through a conventional PC by networking the PC and controllers. Via such a network controller settings can be updated with the click of a button; equipment status and sensor readings can be viewed; all from the comfort of the site office or even a remote office. Part of the extensive product support package offered by Munters comprises all the necessary hardware and software for networking of the controllers. Things can go wrong. Exactly for this reason it is necessary to have alarm outputs or free standing alarm units to warn in case there are any threats to investment.

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