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Servo emergency unit and Linak distress opening


  • 通過內置蓄電池緊急開啟通風口,以及自動向蓄電池充電。在正常工作情況及蓄電池工作狀況下過載時自動停止。
  • 操作模式的LED指示,包括接線問題和電流過載。
  • 電池監視器將使用聲、光信號進行顯示,因此蓄電池需要定期進行更換(5年左右)
  • 可從動操作。
  • 如果線路發生中斷,自動檢測斷開控制信號。
  • T41溫控器與230V電源串聯在一起,從而確保在線路中斷時緊急開啟。



TSN-1 is a modern controller for controlling LINAK actuators. There is one piece of TSN-1 for each Linak. The controller will adjust a damper with Linak actuator in a position corresponding to the input voltage 0-10. This voltage can come from our climate controls. The damper position is determined from the input voltage, measured reference position and max and min sets on the automatic trimmer. You can work with three types of actuators, Linak LA 12 Linak LA 32 or LA Linak 31. Linak LA 12 is a high-servo with a current limit of 1.4A, Linak LA 32 is a slow moving servo with more torque and current limit of 4A approx. Linak LA31 is a is a slow moving servo with more torque and current limit, but is only used for modulating operation.

• 220V supply voltage
• 24V supply output (Linak)
• 0 - 10V control voltage
• 12V battery backup in case of power failure
• Alarm tone at low battery voltage