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SMT50 Inlet shutter


  • 設計緊湊,安裝方便;
  • 自清潔百葉窗葉片輪廓可防止積聚灰塵;
  • 採用執行機構進行單獨控制或成組控制;
  • 緊密密封和耐用的百葉窗葉片;
  • 可選裝金屬網護罩,防止野生動物或禽鳥進入;
  • 採用Munters Protect耐腐蝕材料制成的鋼框架和百葉窗葉片;
  • 可與Euroemme®風機、蒙特(Munters)控制器以及LFD光濾波器構成一套完整的環控系統。



SMT inlet shutters are designed for use as fresh-air intakes for livestock housing and greenhouse. Full automation of ventilation components is becoming a standard feature of agricultural structures. Ventilation demand in such structures is always changing, creating the need to open and close fresh-air intakes regularly. The SMT inlet shutters are ideally suited for the automation of the opening and closing of such fresh-air intakes. Actuators provide the necessary opening or closing force, with various options available. Each SMT can be fitted with an actuator to allow for each of the SMT shutters to be opened or closed individually. In this instance the actuator is placed conveniently inside the frame of the SMT. Alternatively numerous SMT shutters can be linked together and then a central actuator can be used to open or close all the SMT shutters simultaneously. Different models of actuators are available to accommodate different types of control configurations, from simple open or closed to advanced where the degree of opening can be modulated. As an option, the SMT shutters can be fitted with guard meshes to prevent the wild animals or birds from entering the structures while the shutters are open. If needed, the SMT shutters can easily be combined with LFD light filters to prevent direct sunlight from entering the structure when the shutters are opened. For a complete climate control package, the SMT shutters can also be combined with other products from Munters, such as Euroemme® fans and Munters climate controllers.

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