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SM30 shutter


  • 外殼框架採用Munters Protect耐腐蝕材料制造而成;
  • 百葉窗支承和密封件是由防紫外線高耐縮醛樹脂材料制造而成,且免維護;
  • 百葉窗系統被設計成與Euroemme范圍內的排氣風機的尺寸比率相匹配,以獲得較高的能量和壓降效率;
  • SM百葉窗系統經過特殊設計,將空氣從循環風機傳輸到排氣風機;
  • 所有電機和百葉窗系統都經過單獨測試,確保100%的質量控制和性能保証;
  • 安裝簡便;
  • 電動式SMT百葉窗系統可以實現通風進氣口的簡易化及自動化要求。



SM inlet shutters are suitable for use in the livestock and greenhouse industries as well as traditional industries. In order to obtain a quick and responsive control over the fresh-air intake into a house, a SM inlet shutter can be utilized. Air is sucked into the house structure through an open SM inlet shutter by means of exhaust fans, placed in the exterior walls of the structure, or by our EMT range of jet fans utilized to blend fresh-air with internal house air. SM Shutter are available with drive motors (SMT) for automatic opening or for manual operation (SMA). The SMC version has been designed specifically to be used as a retrofit exhaust shutter system for existing circulation fans that need to be converted to exhaust fans To improve aerodynamic efficiency and reduce pressure losses the shutter design has been developed in Munters R&D lab. The test chamber has been built according to ANSI/AMCA 210-85 Figure 15 specifications. Construction details and airtightness have been verified by personnel of the BESS Lab at the Agricultural Engineering Dept, University of Illinois – USA.

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