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One hatched chicken among lots of eggs

Increasing egg weight and shell strength

Japan is an island chain in Eastern Asia, between the North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, and east of the Korean Peninsula. Its climate varies from tropical in the south to cool temperate in the north. Its agriculture products consist mainly of rice, sugar beets, vegetables, fruit; pork, poultry, dairy products, eggs; and fish. However, only five percent of the work force is involved in agriculture. According to the FAO, Japan, after China and the USA is the third largest egg producer with 2.5 million tones in 2004. Japan’s total broiler consumption in 2006 is projected to stay at 1.88 million tones.

The summer heat had been getting severe every year

According to the producer, the summer heat had been getting severe every year, and there was a possible problem of egg weight, eggshell strength, and mortality by heat stress with an open house; hence, they decided to adopt Celdek® cooling pads and Euroemme® fans from Munters to achieve stable performance.

Adopting Celdek® cooling pads and Euroemme® fans from Munters to achieve stable performance

“After installation of Munters’ Climate Control System the results have definitely benefited our flock,” says Daisuke Takahashi, managing director. “Although an outside temperature can get as high as 37°C in the summer, the room temperature is now kept under 30°C which makes for a cool and comfortable environment. This is due to the installation of Munters’ pad and fan system.”


  • Cool and comfortable indoor environment during summer time
  • Improved farm productivity
  • Improved bird welfare
  • Lower mortality