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Broiler chickens

Boosting revenue per broiler cycle

Production of broiler meat in Spain has increased 2% in 2010 from previous year, and the country consolidates its position among one of the top 5 producer among the EU member states. As in other EU countries, rising feed costs pose a real threat to the farmer’s profitability. This is where Munters and New Farms come in. Munters is designer and manufacturer of complete climate control solutions for livestock structures which improves the feed conversion ratio for the farmer and actually lowers the feed consumption and cost. In Spain, Munters partners with the young and dynamic company New Farms who has specialized in intensive stockbreeding and distribute breeding systems and other poultry farm equipment. Together the two companies provide the poultry industry in Spain with high end climate control systems.

New Farms performed the complete installation of a construction project as well as all the climate control installations

An example of the company’s more recent projects was accomplished at a poultry farm, La Carrasca, where New Farms performed the complete installation of a construction project as well as all the climate control installations. Poultry farm La Carrasca S.L. is situated in Villarrasa in the province of Huelva, southwestern Spain and is producing broilers. The farm encompasses two buildings of 135 m by 12 m and houses 32,000 chickens in each structure. La Carrasca’s first broiler house, built in 2006, was equipped with fans and evaporative cooling panels of a competing brand. When the time had come for the construction of a second house three years later, La Carrasca hired New Farms for the comprehensive project, who thereby specified and installed Munters climate control system.

Efficient cooling with minimum power consumption

The installation encompasses 14 pcs. of Euroemme® EM50 (1.5 hp) as well as 135 m of CELdek® evaporative cooling pads, virtually covering one of the long side walls of the broiler house and ensuring efficient cooling at a minimum power consumption level. With the same dimensions and same number of animals inside, the new built structure could easily be benchmarked with the first one built containing equipment of a competing brand. The house with Munters equipment gave production results far more favorable than in the first house using equipment from another manufacturer.


  • Efficient cooling at minimum power consumption levels
  • Greater airflow from Munters powerful EM50 fans
  • Healthier environment for animals and people with less smell
  • Substantial broiler weight increase
  • Lower mortality rate