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风扇和滤光器 / 抽风机

TU600 Chimney fan with Munters Drive

TU 系列

  • 喇叭形进风口和锥形出风口确保更高能源效力
  • 极端气候条件和阳光照晒条件下耐受能力强
  • 所有部件采用超强防腐材料制 成
  • 风机闲置时关闭隔离蝶阀,以保持密封
  • 空气动力学设计保障设备低噪音运行
  • 专利保护“卡接系统”减小运输体积,现场安装快捷
  • 采用可回收聚乙烯制造
  • 可选择灰色或黑色


  • 风闸马达
  • 接水盘
  • 排气保护
  • 绝缘
  • 安全网
  • 风暴指示盘
  • 防鸟设备


During cold and moderately warm periods a low rate of air extraction from livestock structures is required. Special emphasis needs to be placed on the variability of the ventilation rate and to avoid the creation of unnecessary drafts over the animals. TU chimney fan series is designed to meet these demands. The position of the fans on the roof can be preferred to optimise the bio-security in between building sections. The TU chimney fan series comply with the Eco fan Directive, and is state of the art with aerodynamic designed fan house and super-efficient EC motors called Munters Drive. To obtain a smooth and durable surface finish, high quality polyethylene is used in the construction of the main body of the fan.

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Std model
Propeller diameter 600 mm
Motor size 250 W
Airflow 0Pa 11,720 m3/h
Airflow 20Pa 10,740 m3/h
Airflow at 40Pa 9,560 m3/h
Specific performance at 0Pa 27.5 m3/wh
Munters Drive model
Propeller diameter 600 mm
Motor size 660 W
Airflow 0Pa 12,729 m3/h
Airflow 20Pa 12,090 m3/h
Airflow 40Pa 11,414 m3/h
Specific performance at 0Pa 28.4 m3/wh