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除湿机 / 全空气处理机组

DryCool® Standard HCUc-3415

DryCool® HCU Standard机组

  • 出色的能源效率
  • 避免冷却-再加热
  • 优化以制冷为基础的空气调节和以干燥剂为基础的除湿性能
  • 提高现有AHU的COP值
  • 允许单独控制温度和湿度
  • 可选择冷空气,水和低温冷水的再生


  • BMS界面
  • 防腐涂层
  • 数控装置
  • 数码涡旋压缩机
  • 扩展服务计划
  • 油气,电气,热水,蒸汽,加热
  • 空置模式


Outdoor air often represents the greatest moisture load to a building. That is why experts agree that pre-teating make-up air with a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) is the most efficient and effective approach at managing it.  Munters' award winning DryCool™ Standard System removes more moisture with less energy than any other DOAS by combining Munters advanced desiccant dehumidification technology with packaged refrigeration.  The DryCool™ Standard utilizes waste condenser heat to reactivate the desiccant wheel. This qualifies it as an "energy recovery" device using "site recovered" energy to boost the moisture removal capacity of the system at reduced cooling tonnage.
Essentially, the DryCool™ Standard is a packaged DX unit enhanced with an active desiccant wheel to reduce cooling requirements by 30-40%.  Since just one circuit provides all the reactivation energy the DryCool™ Standard needs to continuously satisfy desired supply air conditions, these units are also available as split systems, water and chilled water cooled versions. All configurations can include winter heating options utilizing gas, electric, hot water and steam.
When 100% outdoor air is not required, the DryCool™ Standard still out performs other dehumidification systems by delivering drier air while consuming less energy.
Unit installation can be indoors or outdoors. The DryCool™ Standard is available is sizes conditioning up to 16,000 cfm of air.