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冷风机和加湿器 / 水槽

WDP Water distribution system

WDP Water Distribution system

  • 安装快速简便;
  • 易于维护和清洁;
  • 供水和排水的灵活定位;
  • 耐腐蚀(304不锈钢、环氧涂覆镀锌钢);
  • 设计以确保整个蒸发式降温湿帘墙的均匀润湿
  • 稳定的蒸发式降温湿帘墙;
  • 适合任何高度和宽度的蒸发式降温湿帘墙;
  • 可以以包含所有部件的完整系统的方式提供。


  • 槽支架


WDP is a complete water supply and drainage system for wetting of evaporative cooling pad walls. The complete system includes gutter system, water tank, water pump, water supply and rainage kit, pad wall stabilisation and ending kit. The WDP system has been specially designed to ensure even wetting of the CELdek® evaporative cooling pad, continuous water recirculation and mechanical stabilisation of the pad wall.
The WDP system has a modular design, which allows for high flexibility in matching desired length of the pad wall (usually a multiple of standard pad width – 600 mm). The pressurised water is supplied at the top of the CELdek evaporative cooling pad via a distribution header. The distribution header has small calibrated holes orientated upwards. This design feature prevents the clogging and thus ensures efficient water distribution over the entire wall. This is true even in cases where the evaporative cooling pads are not perfectly horizontally aligned, for example due to ground movements.