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Upcoming Xtalks Webinar: How to Control Moisture Levels to Limit Bacterial Growth and Ensure Food Safety Compliance

8月 28, 2018

For the food processing industry, combating moisture build-up is an everyday, all too familiar battle.

In an effort to avoid the serious, negative effects of moisture in refrigerated processing areas, plastic is hung, ceilings and walls are mopped, and fans are positioned to increase air circulation. Without these actions, moisture build-up and condensation can lead to USDA non-compliance reports and serious repercussions as a result of end-user customer audits that expose liability.

High moisture levels and condensation fuel bacterial growth and drive spore counts up which can compromise food safety. For many facilities, this is a daily issue that requires constant attention and resources and leaves the management team concerned about impending food safety issues or even plant shut down due to USDA non-compliance.

This live webinar upcoming on Monday, September 24, 2018, at 12pm EDT (9am PDT), will focus on the causes of moisture build-up and condensation, and introduce a technology solution that will eliminate the need for daily short-term preventative actions.

In addition, our featured speaker Chris Bogart, Food Industry Manager at Munters, will discuss how this solution will relieve the plant of the constant threats of USDA non-compliance reports, liability, food safety issues, and plant shut down due to moisture.

For more information about this complimentary event, visit: How to Control Moisture Levels to Limit Bacterial Growth and Ensure Food Safety Compliance.


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