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Product Launch: MWI - Munters Wall Inlets US Release

9月 6, 2018

The MWI has been engineered and designed to bring fresh air into the house without exposing the animals to cold air drafts.

An ideal climate is essential to farming as it can impact production and the health of animals. Proper air quality through ventilation is one of the main requirements in order to achieve optimum performance in growth rate, uniformity and feed conversion rate, impacting your profit margins.

Poor air quality can provoke high concentrations of dust, ammonia (NH3), CO, CO2, excess humidity RH and failure to keep these contaminants below acceptable limits can trigger diseases, alter litter quality and reduce bird performance, thus affecting the final profit margin

The MWI has been engineered to bring fresh air into the house without exposing the animals to cold air drafts. This is made possible with the MWI’s curved shape that properly channels the incoming fresh air along the ceiling to mix before it reaches the animals.

The MWI is ideally designed for sidewall installation. The inlet comes in two available width dimensions and two available heights. The framing system and curved door are manufactured from a combination of UV resistant PVC and PP materials offering durability. It can be cleaned with a high-pressure washer. For bio-security reasons, an integrated galvanized metal guard is provided, preventing unwanted entry into the house. By using the MWI, every farmer will get closer towards achieving the perfect climate with the right balance between performance, efficiency and budget.


  • Ideal for broiler market, competitive price - quality ratio

  • Global installations, areas with moderate climate 14/104°F

  • Packaging - unassembled 6pcs. per box, optimizes shipping volume and lowers freight cost

  • Designed for quick user-friendly assembly, without added parts


The MWI has been developed to focus on the Broiler industry, however, there is a potential for other Poultry application e.g. breeder, layer, turkey.

READ MORE about the MWI on the product page.

MWI Product Literature [US ONLY]

MWI Product Literature [US ONLY]