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New Arrival Phase II of GreenDryTM Series Dehumidifiers

9月 16, 2015

Remarkable “Made in China”

On 21st August, new arrival Phase II of GreenDryTM, which was independently developed by AirT China, officially launched. Compared with the units of Phase I, the upgraded units are more customized. Beyond that, the industry leading Super DH, LDP (Low Dew Point) and PP (PowerPurge) units are also provided as options. GreenDryTM can create a production environment with stable humidity as well as minimized energy consumption even under very harsh working conditions. 80% of GreenDryTM series have launched up to now and the final phase will be released at the end of this year.

Excellent quality with combined technical advantages


It takes only nine months for AirT China to develop GreenDryTM. We listened to all useful opinions and learnt widely from others' strong points to shorten the R&D time and increase its technology content. For example, the unique frame-free air conditioning case is drawn from the mature structure of American ICA® Series. The airtightness and producing feature of this structure are fit for our LDP market requirement and the current production equipment in MFE. With the gradual launch of GreenDryTM, the R&D team is continuously collecting market feedback to improve GreenDryTM’s functions and meet the market demand.

The innovative GreenDryTM boasts full range of models including rich special units with reasonable price. It can not only replace current MT series but also make a diffidence between Mutners and the competitors. Gordon Gui, Sales Engineer of AirT China, said:” GreenDryTM has outstanding advantages and huge market potential. One marine customer of mine appreciates the high airtightness of GreenDryTM very much and has ordered one for its cargo hold.” AirT China has obtained more than 40 orders in about four months.

Independent Innovation to Face the Challenge and Grasp the Market Demands

Following China's economic development trend and Munters’ segment strategy, AirT China had made an accurately differentiation positioning of GreenDryTM at the beginning of its R&D, aiming at Electronics, Food and Pharmaceutical industry.

GreenDry TM innovatively adopts the frame-free air conditioning case. Benefits are:

  • Smooth and flat inner surface allows for easy maintenance
  • The thickness of the thermal-protective coating increased 33%, improving the heat insulation of box casing
  • Seamless box casing lower air leakage rate
  • Good looking with unified appearance and color

GreenDryTTM is a high-performance and reasonably priced product. Above all, it will not gather dust and be convenient to clean owing to its smooth and flat inner surface, which satisfies the highest level of health standard. The unique frame-free air conditioning case adopted by GreenDryTM has acquired the patent and it is highly recommended in heath-sensitive industries such as food and pharmaceutical industry.

Greendry frameless construction

AirT China has succeeded to bring GreenDryTM to the local market driven by innovation and talent force. To create greater value for Munters, GreenDryTM will further tap the Asia-Pacific markets in the future as well.