A new Munters Online experience

The time has now come for the launch of Munters' new website, and we are excited about the new features that are supported in this fresh looking new site!

An improved visitor experience
The website is especially optimized for a better visitor experience in mind. Reaching what you're looking for is now simply one or two clicks away, thank's to the new visitor oriented system that the website is built and based upon.

Navigate through the website and find out more about which industries or segments Munters are involved in, or simply just read more about the solutions offered to understand more about how Munters operates and how we have helped others.
The products tab at the top will take you directly to our product categories such as fans, heaters, cooling or temperature control etc. 

The site knows where you are from
A geolocation functionality filters which products are available in your part of the world and the language version is depending on your own browser settings. You can of course alter the country and language preferences at the very top of the page, by clicking on 'Change'. 

The search function has been refined to better meet your expectations and will sort the results in different categories, all in all this should  make your search easier and more accurate.

Go to www.munters.com take a tour of the site and follow up with Munters latest news and events. We hope you enjoy the new Munters Online Experience?