Munters enerji efficient hava arıtma sistemleri ve dehumidifiers optimum performans için bizim uzman global hizmet ağı tarafından desteklenmektedir. Süreç iklim optimizasyonu konusunda geniş deneyim, ısı geri kazanımı ve diğer yükseltmeleri uygun ef fi verimliliği ve performans geliştirmeleri sağlar.


Ekipman aşağı ve normal iş saatleri dışında bir teknisyen konuşmak gerekirse, sayfanın en üstündeki ülkenizi seçin ve biz bir destek temsilcisine yönlendirecektir lütfen.

Energy savings by up to 30%

Our world-class service professionals apply their detailed knowledge and training to ensure equipment operates to strictly controlled conditions. Not only knowledgeable about drying technology optimization, they can also provide control improvements to boost production capacity and guidance to reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

You can count on Munters all the way

Munters Dehumidification Equipment & Dehumidification Systems spares are manufactured from high quality parts for reliable operation to guarantee your plant’s continued good health.

Munters’ worldwide network of highly skilled service engineers, are based in Service Centres in more than 40 countries. Our wide range of Service Options are designed to improve performance and energy efficiency, extend lifetime, keep maintenance costs low and avoid breakdowns.

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