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DCF 2-stage Air intake system

DF Serisi

  • Yüksek ayrıştırma verimi
  • Düşük basınç kayıpları ile düşük işletme maliyetleri
  • Korozyon dayanımı
  • Basit montaj
  • Düşük bakım maliyetleri ile uzun kullanım ömrü
  • Esnek üretim, tarasım ve renk
  • Tailor made sizes, designs and colours
  • Customized colours for aluminium separators


Ürün açıklamaları

DCF is a series of advanced tailor made ready-to-install air intake systems for use in many application areas. They provide excellent protection against all types of droplets as well as particle filtration throughout a broad range of face velocities.

DCF series is comprised of a range of mist elimination profile designs and filter types to meet application requirements more precisely and to give optimum balance in between required efficiency, water loading capacity and pressure drop to ensure energy efficient operation. In particular extremely small but harmful droplets that cannot be totally removed by any single stage mist elimination system are eliminated by DCF systems. The efficiency is fully independent of wind direction and the occurrence of so called secondary droplets.

DCF air intake systems are an excellent choice to keep marine- and offshore based ventilation systems protected against all kinds of weather such as rain, fog, splash water and especially spray containing harmful sea-salt. They are also perfect for use in ventilation systems for buildings in coastal areas. Corrosion and moisture are reduced throughout the entire ventilation system thanks to the high efficiency. DCF help to improve the climate for people, interior furnishing, cargo spaces as well as sensitive equipment.
The systems are fully configurable. Options include various marine grade materials, flange positions, drainage system, bird screens, colored surfaces and many others.

 DCF air intake systems are two-stage separation systems. High performance vane type mist eliminators are used in the first stage. Various types of filter/coalescers are used in the second stage. The first stage removes the majority of entrained liquid droplets. A high efficiency in the first stage protects the filter/ coalescer in the second and thereby prolongs its lifetime. The second stage filters solid particles and eliminates mist particles that have passed through the first stage.

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