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Munters retrofit at InovisCoat reduces energy costs by 38%

This leading company in the field of high-tech coatings reduce its annual CO₂ emissions by 240 tonnes thanks to Munters PowerPurge™ energy optimization solutions

The German company InovisCoat GmbH works with high-tech functional coatings in the range of photographic products. At its production plant in Monheim am Rhein they are offering Contract Coating, providing customers the classical coating programs and high-quality production of many different single and multi-layered products.

The ability to apply up to nine different functional layers simultaneously with extremely high precision (multi-layer coating), depends on a strictly controlled climate, which is achieved by Munters dehumidification systems. Munters installed four large dehumidification systems - a dehumidifier type MDS1000 and 3 rotor quantum type MC25000. These systems with the Munters rotor provide each 35.000 m³/h with a relative humidity of less than 2% RH and thereby ensure optimal conditions for the technically highly qualified coating process.

For several years, InovisCoat has worked closely with Munters Global Services, focusing on energy optimization. Munters Global Services suggested optimizations at InovisCoat which have cut the energy bill considerably.

To take advantage of the low gas prices, all existing Munters dehumidifier systems were converted from steam to gas-regeneration. In addition, all Munters dehumidifiers are equipped with the patented Munters PowerPurge-system, an internal energy recovery sector.

The innovative PowerPurge™ perform an additional partial flow of air through the regeneration sector of the rotor. This air flow is used for pre-heating of regeneration air, and reduces the need for external energy regeneration. By installing PowerPurge, InovisCoat achieved energy savings of 150 kW/h per dehumidification system and thus a total saving of 38%.

Confirmed savings by the customer

Dr. Jörg Siegel of InovisCoat GmbH confirmed the results of the calculated Munters savings. He is very pleased with the energy savings and the expertise of Munters Service Team within energy optimization.

The PowerPurge™ Principle

A desiccant dehumidifier has a desiccant wheel that rotates between two primary airstreams, process and reactivation. In the process airstream water vapour is removed as it passes through the desiccant wheel. The dehumidified air is then delivered to a manufacturing process or space. In the reactivation sector a heated airstream is passed through the wheel and the water vapour is released to this airstream. The majority of the energy required for the deisiccant process is used in heating the reactivation airstream.

PowerPurge saves energy in two ways. The unique patented PowerPurge acts as an energy recovery system, collecting waste heat off the hottest section of the desiccant wheel and using it to help with the regeneration. This reduces the energy required for reactivation whilst also reducing the discharge temperature of the process air, resulting in lower energy costs for post cooling. PowerPurge can also save on investment cost. Equipping a new desiccant system with PowerPurge can reduce the size of the desiccant rotor without diminishing the dehumidification capacity whilst still seeing savings in energy costs.

More Purge Options

Since the majority of the energy required for the desiccant process is used in heating the reactivation airstream, significant energy savings are achieved by recovering the energy in the reactivation cycle.

Internal energy recovery systems for the rotor reactivation process can be installed retro fit in a wide range of bigger dehumidifiers (e.g. MX, MA, MCD, ICA, MTS & MDU Series) offering energy savings up to 25%, typically with a short ROI of around 2 years or less.

The Purge sectors can easily be installed on site by our skilled Service Teams and does not involve any external rebuilding – most of the work is done inside the dehumidifier itself.

There are many ways we can help you optimise your existing equiment. For further information on Munters' Service and energy optimisation options, please visit
Munters Global Services

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Hızlı greçekler

  • Retrofit PowerPurge internal heat recovery option and gas conversion cuts energy bill by 38%
  • CO2 emissions reduced by 240 tons per year
  • Dehumidifiers adapted to cheapest energy source available
  • Ensured energy efficiency through close cooperation with Munters Global Services

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