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Investor Relations

Welcome to our Investor Relations section. The purpose of Investor Relations is to keep the capital markets continuously informed about Munters' position, operations and development.

Latest news

Munters Q2 Report

Munters Q2 will be released July 18, at 9.00 CET

Dial-in number:

SE: +46 8 50 33 65 63
UK: +44 2030089803
US: +1 8558315947


Annual Report 2017

"We are 3,858 people in Munters and we are on a mission. Climate is what we are, what we think about and what keeps us going. We have a long tradition of offering solutions to make our customers more efficient."

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The Munters share

Financial calendar

18 Tem

08:00 - 08:15

Interim Report Q2

25 Eki

08:00 - 08:15

Interim Report Q3

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Director Investor Relations

John Womack
+46 706 782 499