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GPmp 130 indirect oil or gas-fired air heater

GPmp Heaters

  • Dedicated for AgHort applications i.e. Poultry, Swine and Greenhouse
  • Corrosion resistant as housing components are made in Munters Protect and combustion chamber made in stainless steel AISI 430
  • Oil or gas-fired burners installed, calibrated and set in the factory
  • Thermal efficiency exceeding 90%
  • Direct driven motor on both axial and centrifugal fan
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable maintenance and full accessibility
  • IP55 enclosure of critical components e.g. electrical control box, electric motor
  • Predisposed 5 poles plug socket for farm controller or room thermostat connection



The stylish design of the trusted GPmp air heater series came about through the efforts of the engineering
and industrial design expertise within Munters. As a complement to the design, the heaters feature a
Munters Protect finish, ensuring the units will maintain their great appearance even after many years of
service. The heater units are based on a compact modular design concept. Versatility, flexibility and
efficient logistics are the results of this concept. Heaters are available as hanging units; with an axial or
centrifugal fan; oil or gas burners. With the unique design of the legs and support frame it is easy to
handle, transport, install and maintain the units; saving time and costs.

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