Kombinerad temperatur- och luftfuktighetskontroll / Kontrollsystem för jordbruk

Farm Center/ Farm Master

Farm serie kontrollenheter

  • Mångsidig familj av kontrollenheter
  • Reläer och variabel hastighet (Farm Hand)
  • Temperatur och relativ luftfuktighets avläsning och kontroll (Farm Hand)
  • Idealisk för stegvis kontroll av ventilationen (Farm Hand)
  • Ekonomisk lösning för sofistikerad klimatkontroll av flera små rum som ligger nära varandra (Farm Master/Farm Center)
  • Brett användargränssnitt (Farm Center)
  • All-funktions kontrollenhet (Farm Master/Farm Center)
  • Omfattande kontrollenhet med många funktioner inom samma struktur (FarmPro)


  • Chip statiskt tryck


Munters advanced Natural Center and Natural Master controllers are two innovative products that work together to facilitate ease of operation and trouble free facility management. The user-friendly Munters solution is based on an inclusive system, in which one central server – Natural Center controls high-performance Natural Master control units which can be installed in the different areas of the facility. By choosing the Natural Center and Natural Master control system, you obtain a wide range of monitoring options and automated ventilation adjustments in accordance with your requirements. By ensuring ideal natural ventilation for your barn/stable, you greatly increase the livestock welfare and thereby your production yield. Munters Natural Center and Natural Master controllers provides an excellent combination of ventilation control, adjustment and monitoring and forms an integral part of the natural ventilation for livestock stables and milking parlours. Rugged and weather proof control boxes are designed for fast access to adjust ventilation and offers user friendly interface menu for the operator.

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