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Anthurium flowers in a greenhouse

Comparing greenhouse success side by side

Since 1984, Asthor Agrícola S.A. has worked in the manufacture of greenhouses and the completion of “turnkey” horticultural projects, becoming a byword for quality manufacturing and excellent service. Today, it has an extensive sales network with its own branches and representative offices and customers in over 50 countries over five continents.

Increase and improve the production in the greenhouses

Quinta do Sitio da Cruz now finds itself faced with the need to increase and improve production in its greenhouses, and after having installed a number of units with equipment by another brand, Asthor suggested to Quinta do Sitio da Cruz to install Munters climate control system in the latest greenhouse, built in 2010. The new greenhouse measures 102.5 m in length by 72 m in width.

Munters solution

Nineteen 1 hp EM50 fans were installed, divided into three power units according to the temperature, along with 102 m of CELdek® pads with a 150 mm stainless steel water distribution system (WDPAL). After one year of operation, the differences between the unit fitted with the Munters climate control system and the other greenhouses are considerable. The temperature and humidity conditions inside the greenhouses are more homogeneous, while the durability of the pads is greater as they stay cleaner, with no algae or organic deposits. Added to this is the fact that Quinta do Sitio da Cruz uses rainwater to supply the cooling system through sand filters, which increases the lifecycle of the pads even more. “The shutter opening and closing system on Munters fans is one of the most significant advantages that sets them apart from other brands of fan,” commented Osvaldo Branco from Quinta da Sitio da Cruz.

Made from pressed stainless steel to ensure maximum resistance, the shutters remain fully closed when the fan is not in operation to prevent any air leakage through the fan. The patented centrifugal system stops the shutters from closing due to air pressure, ensuring that the fan is working at maximum efficiency at all times by keeping the shutter fully open.


  • Homogeneous temperature and humidity conditions
  • Increased performance of the CELdek® pad
  • Maximum fan efficiency featuring a patented centrifugal system