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Uppgradering av modulfläkt hos Nissan

I Nissans fabrik i Sunderland i England, har Munters uppdaterat tre äldre, fortfarande väl fungerande, MDU-avfuktare.

De befintliga systemen från Munters var ursprungligen utrustade med remdrivna fläktar med motorer på 15kW, men tack vare effektiviteten i de direktdrivna modulfläktarna var det möjligt att ersätta en motor på 15kW med två 5,5kW modulfläktar för varje system.

Totalt gör Munters en besparing åt kunden på 47% av fläktarnas driftskostnad på de tre avfuktningssystemen. En ytterligare besparing är minskat underhåll eftersom det inte längre finns några remmar eller skivor som måste bytas eller servas.

Munters strictly controls climate

Munters ensures this area is held at
-55°C dewpoint with 100% fresh air, by using three MDU2500 gas reactivated desiccant dehumidification units fitted with pre and post treatment. Designed to meet the specific requirements stipulated by Nissan, the systems were commissioned in 2011 and maintained by Munters Service.

Focus on energy savings

To ensure Nissan car plant remains productive and efficient, the Nissan Facilities teams are always looking for projects that can save energy, reduce CO2 emission and costs. These projects will need to provide return on investments (ROI’s) in less than 2 years.

Since Munters Service is dedicated to helping customers optimise the value of their air treatment equipment, different options for energy optimisation on Nissan's MDU dehumidification systems were investigated.

Fan/motor upgrade
Due to advances in fan and motor technology, it became apparent to Munters that it would be beneficial to NMUK to update the original belt driven process fans and motors in the MDU’s with newer and more energy efficient direct drive plug fans fitted with IE3 motors. After surveying and installing data loggers Munters were able to provide estimated energy savings and an average ROI of twenty one months across the project, which was well within the client’s stipulated ROI of two years.

The project involved upgrading the three Munters’ MDU2500's systems and also three McQuay air handing units with direct drive plug fans. The existing Munters systems were originally fitted with belt driven fans driven by 15kW motors, and because of the efficiencies gained by direct drive plug fans it was possible to replace one 15kW motor with two 5,5kW plug fans for each system. The increased capacity and redundancy are important advantages in a manufacturing plant, constantly striving to optimise production processes. In total Munters will save the client 47% of the fans running costs on the three dehumidification systems. In addition there will be less maintenance to be done, as there are no belts and pulleys to change and service.

Upgrades also on AHU systems
In general the conversion from belt driven fans to direct drive plug fans reduces the energy consumption by 30% and Munters Service offers these upgrades not only on older Munters’ MDS and MDU dehumidification systems, but also on non-Munters conventional air handling units. Contact your local Munters Service Team and we will assist you in calculations on estimated energy savings in your specific case.

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  • Upgrade reduces fan/motor energy consumption by 30%
  • Short return on investment - only 21 months
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Better control and more redundancy

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