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Problemfri drift i automatiserat kyllager

Tysklands första, största och fullt automatiserade kyllager byggdes 2013 av KLM Logistic i Rheine i nordvästra Tyskland. NewCold, ett dotterbolag till KLM Logistics levererade hyllsystemen till lagret. Totalt lagras 68 000 pallar med fysta produkter som färdiglagade måltider, glass, kakor och fisk. KLM distribuerar produkterna till daglivaruhandeln i Tyskland, Benelux, södra Europa och England.

Typiska problem för kyllager

The large number of loadings every day means many openings of the doors to the outside. This allows for moist and warm air to enter into the lock and further into the cold store where it will cause snow, frost and ice formations. Ice built up on the packed goods can disturb reading of barcodes and softening of packing materials. Ice and frost on walls, ceilings and floors is a well known problem that entails not only costly man hours for removal and defrosting, but also causes dangerous conditions for fork lift drivers.

The efficiency of freezing equipment incl. evaporators will be reduced due to ice built-ups and time comsuming defrosting cycles are needed to remove the ice.

The solution at KLM

KLM was aware that the fully automated picking and loading system in the huge cold store that operates at a temperature of -24° C, could not function without a solution that would effectively control the humidity.

In the air locks at all loading docks KLM decided to install Munters desiccant dehumidifiers type MLT800 that are running in continuous operation.

Dehumidification goes to the root of the problem by removing moisture from the warmer, humid outside air that enters the loading dock. By reducing the humidity in the air in the loading docks, the water content in the air that penetrates further into the cold store is so low that condensation of the air is prevented. Thereby the formation of snow, ice and frost is no longer a risk.

KLM's automated cold store would not be able to operate without using dehumidification. The many sensors and conveyor bands for the automatic picking and loading of goods would be disturbed by ice build-ups, so the humidity has to be kept low and constant around the year.


  • Fully automated cold store free of ice
  • Smooth operation of conveyour belts
  • No disturbing ice built-up on sensors
  • No wet and slippery floors
  • No dangerous fog formations
  • Service Agreement and priority respons

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