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With a Munters Engineer you get three for one

feb 2, 2017

Industry experience and qualifications make Munters Engineers some of the best in the world - Why? Munters invest a massive amount in the initial training and on going training of the engineers and staff.

I was recently invited onto Engineers training at one of our offices in Dison, Belgium. It was billed as the base training to get you started. it included some Munters controls setup, a few practical sessions in the purpose built teaching area, using air flow meters, wet bulb and dry bulb sensors, pressure readers, both hotwire and pitot type. And a significant amount of Psychrometrics (the 'r' in Psychrometrics is very important because without it your measuring human mental capacities and processes)


Now. Pyschrometrics has always been something of a 'black art' I mean in all the years I was working in AHU design the subject came up rarely, so when it was needed, I was a little rusty. I was surprised to see our engineers taking it on board, using a Psyc chart to plot different conditions, mixed air, heating and cooling loads too. I was impressed at the knowledge these engineers have.


It is in stark contrast to some of the engineers I have met on site in the past, I was working at a site once (around five years ago) where an engineer from the same firm was fitting an opposed blade damper, the hole was cut in the unit and the damper offered up, but he said the damper was made wrong. - I mean he couldn't see that if he turned the damper assembly 180 degrees so the spindle was on the right not the left where he needed it, that it would then fit. - He even rang the office to say it was wrong! - A chisel is not a specialist tool!

I have visited many sites with a Munters engineers, who by the way are qualified in -

  • Electrical isolation and installation (seventeenth edition),
  • FGas qualified to install, repair and commission Refrigerant systems.
  • Gas safe qualified to work on gas burners. - direct and indirect

Not many site engineers carry such a badge of office. This is in addition to the training they receive every year. perhaps that is why our engineers stay with us for so long.

So you see why having a Munter's engineers on site is so worth while.

Our engineers can help with AHU refurbishment, recommissioning, Energy reduction, EC fan upgrades, wet coil changes, trouble shooting, controls upgrades. System validation, Which can be completed on all unit manufacturers products.

Uniquely qualified and experienced people allow our customers to be confident and secure in our abilities as engineers and as a company as a whole.

By David Bennett, Service Sales Manager, Munters UK

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