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Тематическое исследованиеMentor Graphics selects Munters Oasis™ IEC to Cool High Efficiency Data Center

Munters is a global leader in evaporative cooling solutions for numerous applications. Munters technology for evaporative cooling is sustainable and energy efficient as it uses the natures own way of cooling.


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Munters evaporative cooling solutions include Direct Evaporative Coolers, where water is evaporated into the air stream via an engineered pad to provide adiabatic cooling, and Indirect Evaporative Coolers, where evaporating water is used to cool the scavenger airstream passing through a heat exchanger, (thus maintaining constant humidity in the treated air).

Direct Evaporative Cooling

Direct Evaporative Cooling illustration

Indirect Evaporative Cooling

Indirect Evaporative Cooling illustration

Direct and Indirect evaporative cooling are extremely energy efficient, negating the need for compressors in the cooling cycle.

The technology can be applied in numerous applications, including Data Centers, Factories, Livestock and Greenhouses. Please refer to our Industry and Product pages for more information on how Munters evaporative cooling technologies can provide reliable, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of cooling needs.

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