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Dehumidifiers / Stand alone dehumidifiers


MCD Series

  • Эффективное удаление влаги при температуре от –20 до +40 °C
  • Плавное регулирование влажности с использованием датчика температуры влажного воздуха
  • Интерфейсы связи и внешнего управления
  • Сигнализация засорения фильтра и остановки ротора в стандартной комплектации
  • Опции для повышения экономичности
  • Внешняя индикация работы и сигнала о необходимости обслуживания


  • Communication via Modbus, BacNet or Lon
  • Energy Recovery Purge (ERP)
  • External controls
  • Filters M5, G4 or G4/F7 combination
  • Sensors (RH, absolute and low dew point)
  • Touch screen display
  • Gas, electric, hot water, steam, heat
  • Insulated process air inlet

Описание продукта

The MCD140 combines traditional Munters strengths like efficiency and robustness with modern state of the art technology like modulating RH control and communication.

Low energy consumption and reliability are important in todays processes. Our modern control system together with high efficient fans which, meet the EU Ecodesign directive, supported with frequency converters give you numerous options to optimise your energy consumption. The Energy Recovery Purge (ERP) is available as a standard option in order to save energy.

The MCD140 is equipped with a number of alarm functions to ensure total control of the dehumidification process. Frame casing and outer panels are made of corrosion resistant AluZink and coated in RAL 7035.

The MCD140 dehumidifier covers a wide range of needs by providing a variety of standard functions. The numerous options will allow pre- and post treatment by simply adding mechanical and electrical components.

The MCD140 can be supplied with 3 different reactivation alternatives - electrical, steam and gas. A service indicator activates when a preventative service is due, this is a standard feature. To make installation easier the process fan inlet has been designed to allow for different outlet positions.

The electrical equipment conforms to EN 60204 (IEC204). The MCD series of dehumidifiers conform to both harmonised European standards and technical specifications for CE marking.

  • Technical specifications
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14000 m3/h
250 Pa
11 kW
300 Pa
4500 m3/h
4 kW
147.7 kW
63.3 g
61.9 g
165.7 kW/h
15.7 kW/h
380V 3-50 Hz Electrical 261 A
380V 3-50 Hz Steam/Gas 33 A
400V 3-50Hz Electrical 248 A
400V 3-50Hz Steam/Gas 31 A
440V 3-60Hz Electrical 225 A
415V 3-50Hz Steam/Gas 30 A
415V 3-50Hz Electrical 239 A
440V 3-60Hz Steam/Gas 28 A
7 bar(g)
70.3 g/s
71.9 g/s
14.77 m3/h
2660 kWh/kg
18-30 mbar
-20/+40 °C
33 IP
54 IP
95 dB(A)
WxDxH 2917x1590x2575 mm
1153 kg
337x630 mm
244x450 mm

Форма обратной связи

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