Dehumidifiers / Stand alone dehumidifiers

IceDry 1400


  • Разработан специально для установки в холодильных складах
  • Функция автоматической разморозки
  • Повышение эффективности испарителей
  • Безопасность работы на складах — отсутствие льда на полу
  • Снижение частоты разморозки склада
  • Защита упаковки ото льда — сохранение качества продукции
  • Снижение частоты поломок — сокращение затрат на обслуживание


  • Stainless steel casing

Описание продукта

By installing an IceDry® dehumidifier inside the cold store a frost free cold store can now be a reality. An airlock is no longer needed.

When IceDry is installed, accumulated ice and frost will gradually evaporate until the store is completely free from ice and frost.

IceDry is the only dehumidifier that has been developed especially for installation inside a cold store. The tough, cold environment demands new and special features created with the sole purpose of ensuring that the unit runs reliably and energy efficient. One example is the automatic defrosting function.

IceDry needs only a few metres of ducting around it. Reactivation air is taken from the room next to the cold store.

The control panel is placed outside the cold store. As soon as the unit is connected to power and switched on it will start to reduce ice and snow.