Combined Temperature & Humidity Control / Accessories

Feed weigher

Farm Scales

  • Control of 1 or 2 bird scales
  • Up to 500 days data collection
  • Water and dust resistant, power surge and lightning protection
  • High quality cables and stainless steel hanging or floor platform
  • 5-digit display and USB connection for PC communication
  • Standard curves or the users own curves (Poultry weight system)
  • Precision per weighing + - 0,2% (Poultry weight system)
  • Displays the standard deviation of daily increment etc. (Poultry weight system)


Описание продукта

The feed weigher itself contains a tank which is hung in a load cell. The feed tank can hold up to 25 kg of feed depending on the feed density. When the desired quantity is weighed and recorded, a damper at the bottom on the feed weigher leads the feed out to a container under the weight. (NB: This container not supplied by Munters)

The desired amount of feed per weighing and possibly the mixing ratio is to be set on the controller.
Ex. for RFS6-3comp.

1. Empties the weigher
2. Fills one component
3. Registers one component weigher
4. Fills two component weigher
5. Registers two component weigher
6. Fills three component weigher
7. Registers three component weigher
8. Empties the weigher

Depending on the type of screw that is selected for mounting the feed weigher and how many components that are to be
mixed, the weigher can handle between 1100 and 1200 kg / h.

• Contains up to 25 kg of feed
• Easy to adjust
• The weigher can handle between 1100 and 1200 kg / h.
• Quantity per. weighing, optional 10-25 kg

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