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Financial Controller

BertrandYour Position

I’m Financial Controller for both entities MFR and MUK. The role is broad, I guess the most obvious task for finance team is to manage the books and make sure the financial statements are accurate. I could also mention applying and complying with all financial and legal regulations, both with local laws as well as with internal financial manual and Munters’ policies. Finally, but not least keep a close eyes on cash and collect money as fast as we can!

Within a complex organisation where all managers are focusing on different goals, It’s important that Administration and Finance teams help to maintain some cohesion thanks to common procedures and, of course, regularly bring everybody back to the reality of figures….

What's the most innovative Munters initiative or change that you are most "proud" of?

It’s rather a collective achievement that I would put forward. When I look in the hindsight, I am still impressed with the development and strengthening within the Administration and Finance areas. If I’m correct, when I joined 11 years ago, the whole Group Finance team was made of 5 people, including the CFO!

Maybe you know the game “I pack my bag and take with me…”

My phone – unfortunately. Difficult to live without it these days. I can’t remember how was life before iPhone? Some chocolate because I’m addict and it’s a stress relief and thirdly, probably some more chocolate!

Tell me about a fun experience at Munters

I have fond memory of the EMEA sales meetings who used to take place once in a while in the past, specially the one in Lisbon in 2014 which was also the opportunity to discover the city and traditional fado music. Actually, the performance of the Portuguese singers was great but I wouldn’t say the same of the second part of the show when, at the very end of the diner, someone decided that every sales team should carry on with some folk songs from their own country. This was great fun any way.

What challenges are you facing in your day-to-day job?

The dual job for France and UK is obviously a very challenging aspect of my role. You never know what is going to hit you next and I really don’t have time to get bored.

What would a perfect Sunday be like for you?

A perfect Sunday will start late in the morning after a week-long-expected lie-in. Then, I will quietly head for my favourite café and take time to read the news and various analyses on current issues – One of my favourite topics these days: the Brexit! Forget about Hollywood series, the Brexit is going to be the best thriller you can imagine for the next couple of years! What would come next in my Sunday? I don’t know, anything possible. That’s my little own luxury to have the chance to arrange for any last minute plan.

What would your best career advice be for a new employee who is about to start a career with Munters?

It’s very stimulating to work in a growing business such as Munters but sometimes it may be a bit difficult to adapt to the changes within the organisation so it seems important to me to take time to understand its working environment, especially when working within a matrix structure.

What’s the best part of your job or working day?

I guess I there is a certain sense of achievement when all these little bits and pieces finally come together to form a complete Profit and Loss statement but beyond my own personal tasks and responsibilities, I’m proud to be part of this great adventure, keeping the business moving on and make it sustainable for all of us for future. 

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