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Europa, Asia, America, they are not so far away! Through Munters Talent Programs you have a chance to discover the world. Every year Munters recruits new talents and offers internship and trainee programs in different areas of the company. During your time at Munters you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself with international projects working in cross functional teams, under the supervision of senior mentors & coaches.

Some of your opportunities at Munters


Learn how to create a forecast, develop your ability in budgeting and acquire relevant competences in management control. You will see what stands behind the scene of a great organization.


Work in team to develop new markets, build your own customers network, learn how to manage key accounts. You will be the face and voice of Munters all around the world.


Manage your own projects, learn how to interface with different departments to develop the perfect solution for them and for Munters overall, get in touch with our biggest client to study a new solution for their business and innovate our own. You will be driving new ideas and become part of the Munters future.


Challenge yourself creating innovative design, interfacing with project managers to build new and advanced air treatment systems while improving our catalogue. Your contribution will help to build the next generation of Munters products, that will remain linked to your name.

Interested in an INTERNSHIP/TRAINEE or APPRENTICESHIP program at Munters? Have a look at Munters vacancies to find your personal career path.

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What our graduates say



“La logistica è il mio forte”

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"I didn't think finance could be so fun!"

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"From communications to product specialist"

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